Tubular Level Gages

These are the lowest cost sight glasses for visual inspection of liquids. These are commonly used for boilers, water and chemical tanks. The gage glass available here are all of high pressure type, and rated for pressurized steam service. All gage valves offered are equipped with ball checks to prevent rapid loss of process fluid in case of glass damage. CONTACT US FOR EXTRA LONG LEVEL GAGES.
  • 316 SS Level Sight Gages
    Commonly used as boiler sight glasses, corrosive chemical level sights, and in food/beverage applications.
  • Carbon Steel Level Sight Gage
    Most economical option for inspecting liquid levels in pressurized tanks and processes. Use with liquids that do not corrode steel, such as lubricants, hydrocarbons, oils, etc.
  • Tubular Gauge Valves
    Replacement valves for existing installations. Standard 1/2" or 3/4" MNPT connections. Ball checks that prevent loss of fluid in case of glass damage.
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Tubular Gauge Valve With Vent-Drain Plug
In Stock.
Q170 316 Stainless Steel  Tubular Level Gauge Valve Pair
Manufactured to order. Allows 6 weeks for delivery.
Q175 Carbon Steel Tubular Level Gauge Valve Pair
In Stock.