Tubular Gauge Valve Without Vent-Drain Plug
Tubular Gauge Valve Without Vent-Drain Plug

Tubular Gauge Valve Without Vent-Drain Plug

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  • Vessel Connection:1/2 inch or 3/4 inch MNPT Union Joint
  • Size of Tube:5/8 inch 3/4 inch Diameter
  • Construction Material:Carbon Steel or 316 Stainless Steel
  • Vent-Drain Plug:None
  • Max Pressure/Temperature:500 PSI at 450F (for valve only - glass tube ratings are lower)

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Material and Connection Size
This item is priced and sold as a single piece. It can be used as either upper or lower valve of a tubular level gage.

The Series Q170 and Series Q175 Tubular Gage Valves are the simplest and least costly devices that can assure accurate visual liquid level indication. The valves use transparent vertical tubes, where to lowest visible point connected to the tank or boiler at the lowest level of interest. The top of the glass is usually secured with another valve, but also may be open to the atmosphere if the tank is open.

These valves are equipped with ball checks that prevent uncontrolled release of liquid in case of tubular glass breaking. They feature 1/2" male NPT vessel connections for Series Q170 and 3/4" male NPT vessel connections for Series Q175. They are for use with highly durable Pyrex glass tubes of 5/8" diameter for Series Q170 and 3/4" diameter for Series Q175. The actual service pressure rating depends on the length and wall thickness of the glass tubes.  Guard rods and a round Plexiglas cover are available to protect the glass tube.

Pressure and Temperature Ratings
  • 500 lbs @ 450 F for the valve only. Actual service ratings are limited by the glass tube ratings, which are always lower.
Standard Connections

Series Q170 Series Q175
Vessel Connection 1/2" NPT Male 3/4" NPT Male
Size of Tube 5/8" Diameter 3/4" Diameterr

* Full product technical details, please check our website at PPC Q170, Q175 LIQUID LEVEL GAUGE VALVE.
* For large quantity or custom product, please request a quote at PPC QUOTE REQUEST or contact our Sales Engineers at [email protected]

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